Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clean eats

Quick update!

Blogging has been pretty slow as of late. Haven't been home for the last month or so and have been on the go go go go......Nevertheless, I've still been able to eat clean and train hard! I've also taken on board my brother as a...... lets just say a guinea pig. He wants to shed some fat.

It's officially been 1.5 weeks since the start of my fat loss phase. I know I wrote a post earlier on saying that it was supposed to start early/mid April. However, due to some set backs (as life has its way of playing out) I wasn't able to. Don't see anything stopping me now...just need to keep my head screwed on tight and focused 1 week at a time!

Pictures of what I've been eating and cooking up for the beastly brother. 

Firstly, This is what my fridge consists of clean, clean and more clean..did someone say clean? Protein all portioned out to minimise cooking time.

Grilled Chicken and kale salad
Grilled salmon salad
Grilled Chicken with sauteed greens and spicy salsa

Meal prepping
Sweet potato and cucumber soldiers - filled with prawns, egg, peppers
Sautéed prawns and greens with chilli and cracked pepper


  1. I really enjoy viewing all of these wonderful foods you make. They are in such great quality!! Are you using a DSLR camera, or any gear similar to that?

  2. Oh! I wish I had a SLR...just my Iphone then I just tweak it a bit using a frame app =]...mmmmgood quality food = awesome training = superhuman strength and fitness = WIN =P