Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spinach spinach spinach....oh! and other concoctions

Homemade #miso#soup with #spinach. Super easy super yum super #healthy Smiling face with Sunglasses One (digit) I made the #broth using dried anchovies Two (digit) dice a whole onion and add into broth along with spinach Three (digit) I sift the miso through the boiling water. DONE! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Too easy! Another way to get all your veggie intake! Curbs the hunger in between meals, under 100 #calories 

"A #healthy#spinach side dish/#salad . 1. Boil a bunch of English spinach 2. Let it cool 3. Tbsp of miso paste, tsp of Chilli powder and a sprinkle of Chilli flakes, 1/2 tsp of sesame oil and then just toss. 

"I'm a sucker for #fries#hotchips satisfied my cravings for a #healthy alternative baked sweet potato fries. Turned really crispy!! 

"#zucchini sliced and battered in #egg then fried in #olive oil till perfection! 

"#healthy pumpkin oatmeal protein muffins. 500g of pumpkin grated, 6 egg whites or 3 whole eggs, 2 cup oats, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 unbleached wholemeal flour, 1/4 tsp of salt or if you like sweet muffins you can add stevia. Then #bake ! 

#breakfast - oh my LAWD!! This was AWESOMESmiling face with smiling eyes to be honest I was expecting a bitter juice from past bottled experiences but it was so delicious I could gulp a bucket full. This concoction consisted on a handful of #spinach and #kale 3/4 of a small #tomato 1 whole #cucumber 1 finger sized #rhubarb 1/4 #orange #capsicum and the coriander just made it even more amazeballs!! MmmMm 

Breakfast ideas! Overnight Oats

"Attempting to be creative with my #breakfast options Hot beverage  My #healthy version of " #bircher#muesli Pot of food " 1/2 cup of #oats dumped into a leftover tub of #natural PB (about a level Tbsp) chucked in some #raw nuts, berries and pearStrawberry Topped it off with 1 cup of warm #water or unsweetened almond milk Splashing sweat symbol(add stevia if you wish) and let it soak overnight Night with stars Eat it on its own or a dollop of natural yoghurt!! with #cinnamon YUM!! Can't wait to try it. Hope it turns out to what I expect it to be Fork and knife

3 way sweet potato mash with avocado

"Doesn't look that appealing but this concoction definitely Ok hand signOk hand sign trio of #sweetpotatoes - white, purple and orange sweet potato smashed with 1 whole #avocado (instead of using butters and milk) the combination of avo and warm sweet potato was just AMAZEBALLS!!!! Aubergine/eggplant was loved by all guests! 

Paleo inspired recipes

Burger without the bun?!
"#Healthy Delicious #paleo friendly #kangaroo #burger !!HamburgerFork and knifeOne (digit)steam #sweetpotato (to spread on the burger) Two (digit)while that is steaming cook up your #meat Wolf faceThree (digit) I used large flat mushrooms instead of burger buns - grill the mushrooms until you start seeing the juices oozing out Four (digit) Assemble - I used pickled #chutney , thought it would be appropriate to really get into the Aussie 🐊 tucker. So quick and simple and #YUM Ok hand signOk hand sign

"#KANGABANGAS !! My closet option atm to try #kangaroo meat! Probably one of the leanest meats you will find Smiling face with Sunglasses per 100g = P: 16.8g F: 1.7g C: 3.8g Cals: 100 Wolf face the kangaroo #burger comes in even more #lean !! For those who are trying to find alternatives to #chickenboob Chicken kangaroo is really great!! You can look all products up at or #woolworths have them in stock! First time trying this #protein and I definitely could get used to it! YUM nomnom. Will definitely try and find just the meat not a burger or sausage as these do have small amounts of additives. Just wanted to experience the taste. Now my dad is chowing on it, better go pack some for lunch before it's all gone Face screaming in fear

"Obsession with #chickenboob Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes haha been having so much fun on my #meal #prep days! Saves me so much time during the week! Ok hand signI've also mastered the ways of not having to eat dry #chicken when reheated!! Got a platter of #portuguese#moroccan#thaiand #mexican (spices) chicken cooked with #coconut oil. 

The Functional Food - Coconut Oil

"Post inspired by @ninapoo after she freaked out hearing that I would be working on a #cleaneating #recipe using COCONUT milk. Face screaming in fear Friends do not underestimate the wonders that this #superfood provides!! Many avoid coconut milk, oils, meat etc thinking saturated #fat - must steer clear!! But this is clearly not the case. It has been classified the "functional food" coz of its #health benefits beyond its #nutritional content. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes The #composition of the #coconut consists of more 90% saturated fats, however all sat fats are not created equal. Sat fats found in some other oils have been artificially manipulated (assists with storing fat) while some occur naturally like coconut oil. 50% of the fat in coconut oil is made up "Lauric acid" which our bodies convert to a component called monolaurin which has anti-viral, bacterial, Protozoa properties (basically helps fight off disease and viruses) Face with medical mask Coconut oil is also natures richest source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA's). These acids are easily digested and immediately burned by your #liver for #energy (without the #insulin spike) as opposed to long chain fatty acids (LCFA) which are larger in size and difficult for your body to break down, stored as fat (common in vegetable or seed oils) Aubergine/eggplant It is also better to cook with c.oil rather than olive oils as the components change in these oils when heat is applied. Other benefits - optimise body weight, increase #metabolism and aid #weightloss, regulate cholesterol levels, increase performance, reduces inflammation, improves insulin secretion and utilization of #blood glucose, immunity, hair and skincare...Face with 'OK' gesture goodness I could go on! For further info go to or But remember I always say this...EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!! Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes