Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paleo inspired recipes

Burger without the bun?!
"#Healthy Delicious #paleo friendly #kangaroo #burger !!HamburgerFork and knifeOne (digit)steam #sweetpotato (to spread on the burger) Two (digit)while that is steaming cook up your #meat Wolf faceThree (digit) I used large flat mushrooms instead of burger buns - grill the mushrooms until you start seeing the juices oozing out Four (digit) Assemble - I used pickled #chutney , thought it would be appropriate to really get into the Aussie 🐊 tucker. So quick and simple and #YUM Ok hand signOk hand sign

"#KANGABANGAS !! My closet option atm to try #kangaroo meat! Probably one of the leanest meats you will find Smiling face with Sunglasses per 100g = P: 16.8g F: 1.7g C: 3.8g Cals: 100 Wolf face the kangaroo #burger comes in even more #lean !! For those who are trying to find alternatives to #chickenboob Chicken kangaroo is really great!! You can look all products up at or #woolworths have them in stock! First time trying this #protein and I definitely could get used to it! YUM nomnom. Will definitely try and find just the meat not a burger or sausage as these do have small amounts of additives. Just wanted to experience the taste. Now my dad is chowing on it, better go pack some for lunch before it's all gone Face screaming in fear

"Obsession with #chickenboob Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes haha been having so much fun on my #meal #prep days! Saves me so much time during the week! Ok hand signI've also mastered the ways of not having to eat dry #chicken when reheated!! Got a platter of #portuguese#moroccan#thaiand #mexican (spices) chicken cooked with #coconut oil. 

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