Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go into Defeat, not to be defeated..

Hello all,

Have you been to my ABOUT page to get the low down of who I am?!

So who's ready to see me kick some butt this year??...(Oh~ I am)

To get things started I got myself checked out at for a full body scan.

Here are the results...

I am currently sitting on 25% body fat I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get down to 15%.....-10% easy....YEAH RIGHT!! =S...

I've set myself a mini goal to reduce it to 20% which is a loss of 4kgs - depending on how much muscle mass I am able to gain. 

Gosh it sounds so easy.....only if it was....

So according to Jarrod, I need to be consuming at least 1600 calories a day, that's just to survive without any exercise. However, because I've been eating so little my PT and I are taking things slowly and experimenting with my body. Only because we don't know how my body will react to all the food. So I've been eating 1200cals for the last month or so and there hasn't been a gain (THANK GOOOSSSH) but a minimal loss.

We still need to figure out my calorie intake so that my body doesn't continue to store. I am on the same diet as 2 other girls and they are losing a lot more than I am and I am training triple than what they do.....HUH?! maybe my body is destined to be MAMMOTH like?! hahaha doubt it.....

It's definitely a tough one physically and mentally but I'm going to charge on and fight this B*tCH!!!!

I'll continue to blog about my exercise routines, my diet, progress photos, general WATCH this space!!



  1. Yum, naked progress photos please LOL

  2. Hahahha! I'm still a little awkward with the progress photos! But they will come (need to progress first)