Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy in just 10minutes

I don't understand when people say they have no time to cook up something healthy? To me it just sounds like - I'm lazy so I'm going to go for a maccas run!!

This meal honestly took me 10 minutes to whip up!

Grilled chilli garlic prawns with sautéed wombok and a side of cucumber and daikon 


150g of Banana Prawns (or any type of fresh prawns uncooked)
Raw wombok, also known as chinese cabbage (as much as you desire)
Half of a small onion
2 x cloves of garlic
Chilli Flakes
1 Tsp of oyster sauce
Cucumber and Daikon
Note: You can use any vegetable you like! Go crazy!!

Enjoy it with a serving of brown rice, sweet potato, any sort of wholesome organic starch and you're good to go!


190 Calories
Carbs: 9.8g (without the starch serving)
Protein: 28.7g
Fat: 1.7g
Sat Fat: 0.4g

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