Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making the right decisions and finding the balance

I began this week like any other week, positive attitude and the perfect plan of attack. I had my meals prep'd, my training times set and a pre planned cheat meal for Saturday night dinner.

It all seemed to easy.....then it all began....Friday afternoon came along. At work we had a farewell afternoon tea for one of our colleagues, there was chips, dips, crackers, cheese, cabanossi and tomatoes. ALL OF MY FAVS!! So I decided to ditch my pre-planned tuna salad afternoon snack and dive face forward into the crackers and dips. OK, so it wasn't the worst snack I could've eaten, but it's the fact that I didn't have enough control to say no and also knowing that I fell off track. This is just Fail part 1.

Then Saturday came around (cheat meal night) had a nice 7am start but I didn't end up eating breakfast until 12pm. Part of the reason was because I was crazy busy cleaning all day, so hunger wasn't really a priority. Although, to be honest, the main reason was because I was feeling guilty from the previous indulgence of crackers and cheese. =[ It's not like I went over my intake for the day but knowing I made the wrong decision just took the better of me.
I didn't end up eating again till dinner, which was about 7pm. So in the space of 12hrs I had only eaten one meal. Gosh, I'm definitely dreading telling my coach this!!!! =S
After coming home from dinner I felt like I was having heart burn (never have had heart burn before, but all the symptoms were screaming HEART BURN. Painful feeling). I was tossing and turning in bed because of the pain and managed to squeeze in a couple of hours.

Finally Sunday! Woke up with the stomach pains so I couldn't eat breakfast. Instead I ended up playing tennis with a bunch of friends. During this time which was about 2pm my stomach pains subsided and I had brewed up a humongous appetite (I think I could've eaten a horse LOL). Fail part 1000000000000 - eating food on a completely empty stomach = OVEREAT/EAT WITH YOUR EYES/EAT MINDLESSLY). Fortunately, we all decided on a healthy lunch option, sushi (thank goodness) originally was going to be workers club buffet. Then it all went downhill again - After lunch we all decided to head back to our friends house to bake. I knew this would be a challenge for me as I am a sucker for desserts and all things baked, but I took the risk and followed. As much as I told myself to be strong I ended up grazing on some cookies and toasted creme brulee.

As you can see I fell off track hardcore this week and it's so darn easy to. I'm sitting here asking myself, was it really that hard to turn away? Did you really need that or was it just mindless eating out of habit?

 I knew that I would be faced with challenges by hanging out with my friends (who are big foodies). I actually almost said no to meeting up with them because of the fact that I knew fail rate probability would be high. But, I didn't want to or am going to avoid situations like these just because I know I'm going to give in to my weaknesses. I need to learn to find the perfect balance of this lifestyle change whilst engaging with my normal social activities. Without finding the balance and making the right food choices I'm basically throwing my hard training and clean eating throughout the week completely down the drain. Plus, I'll never get to where I want to be. This is something I def DEF DEFINITELY need to work on.

So the ugly has been done and there's no point in dwelling. It's time for a new clean and structured week, RIGHT?!?!

Btw, this isn't me LOL

All prep'd, planned and ready to smash this new week, hopefully this time next week I'll be writing about how well I did!!


  1. Hey Karam. This happens to me all the time! But don't let it get to you too much. We are all but humans! Just use it as motivation at the gym tomorrow and do an extra set or 2 :) Too easy!

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thanks! Gah it definitely brings you down...but smashed a plyo session this morning....
    I guess if it's done it's done, we need to move on and focus what we can do better! =]

    Nearing your 5% body fat yet?

  3. Lol no - it will probably be another 12 weeks or so. I went to cabramatta yesterday and pigged out on some egg noodles and crispy chicken. Epic!!!!

  4. I made it sound so easy to get to5% fat didn't I. Haha
    You sure seem to love your dirty Asian cabra food!
    So how do you train? Do u just weights alone or are you now incorporating cardio as well?

  5. Hey deflatingthepotbelly! Found your blog from browsing, and your posts are pretty awesome here. Will be following you, so keep it up!