Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slight adjustments

After a couple of days on this new intense training schedule I feel like my body is ready for more food...oh WAIT!'s screaming for more fuel!!! I thought my body wouldn't be able to handle 1400-1600cals (portion wise) yet but I definitely underestimated this idea (chucks paper out the window). 

Also, I've decided not to take the L-Carnitine and have removed the protein shakes. Couple of reasons why I removed the shake is because  -
1.  I was only using it temporarily because it was easier for me to drink a shake then down a piece of chicken every 3hrs (I'm getting better at this!! WOOT!!). 
2. It also made me feel bloated at times 
3. By having real food I'll get my digestive system working i.e. get that metabolism soaring. 
The body needs to work harder to digest food rather than a liquid.

So now my diet looks something like this:

1400-1600 cals
P - 160g
C - 90-100g (increased the carbs because of the amount of cardio I am doing)
F - 35-40g

Post Workout - 6am
Natural yoghurt

Breakfast - 745am
Egg omelette (1 white + 1 yolk) + Chicken breast 50g with vegetables and 3/4cup brown rice

Snack - 1045am
Tuna and avocado salad

Lunch - 145pm
Chicken breast and veggies with 1/2cup brown rice

Snack - 445pm
15 raw almonds

Dinner - 745pm
Chicken breast and veggies

Training wise, I'm STRUGGLING to do the HIIT in the mornings so I've simply swapped them around. So I do weights in the mornings and do HIIT at night. SO MUCH BETTER!!! gaahhh do I hate mornings =[ Ah~ just got to get into routine and I'll be fine >.<


  1. I bought some L-Carnitine too. Looking forward to see if it has any effect on me. Which brand did you buy? I got mine from for fairly cheap

  2. Oh no I decided not to buy any. But definitely interested in the product! Curious to see if your body reacts to it. I'm always a little suspicious about these products.
    I'll ask you about it in a couple of months to see if it was beneficial!!
    P.s there's a store in norwest called body dynamics their supplement prices aren't to bad. Cheaper than vitamin king!