Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bust your butt and work them LEGS!

I've been noticing the various benefits that my body has been reaping in from a good leg work out. My lower back is feeling stronger than ever (still some aches and pains through the sciatics), my core and stability is more on point, my movements are more swift and quicker, my legs are able to carry me further when I go long distance running (managed a 15km run last night) and my whole body in general is feeling 'iron-like' - hahaha I am unstoppable!!

"'When you work your legs you're essentially working the entire body. When performing a set of a compund lower body exercise.Take the squat, leg press or deadlift exercises for example; just think of how many muscles you're contracting throughout your body, other than your legs. Even if they are only being isometrically contracted (i.e. flexed but not moving), these other muscle groups receive enough mucles fibre stimulation for enhanced size and strength development".  - Body Building

I have laid out some simple leg exercises that you can execute at home.

Back Squat

This multi-joint exercise is a great foundation exercise for building overall power and strength.

Compound exercise - it directly works the gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings. Isometrically contracts all other parts of the body.

No No's:

  • Do not round your back or lean forward.
  • Don't allow your head to look down and your knees to turn in.

Barbel Front Squat

Similar to the back squat, however, as the 
weight is on the front of your shoulders it
demands a more upright body posture. This
places more emphasis on your quads and 

No No's:
  • Do not allow your heels to lift off the floor
  • Do not drop your elbows or let them touch
your knees at the bottom of the lift.
  • Never sacrifice good technique by overloading
with weights.

Bulgarian Dumbbell Split Squat

This exercise is valuable for hip mobility, balance and good shoulder posture as well as strength in your quads and gluts. By holding dumbbells it gives you a lower centre of gravity and improves stability.

Focus and concentrate on your gaze level and do not bend your back.

Overhead Barbell Lunge

Lateral Lunge

This movement works the whole body. It is excellent for developing strength and power.

Be gone!! inner wobbly things of DEATH!!!

When performed correctly you'll be able to feel that bitey/painful sensation when you push up through your heels. 

You can start without the weights and progress up to the desired weight

There are so many different leg workouts, but now that you have a general idea get on pumping!!!

Remember to keep that core activated...AT ALL TIMES!!!!

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  1. I like the pictures, and the Do's and Don'ts. Also liked how you used yourself as an example for some exercises too.