Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bored?---> Try out HIIT

Sick of running on the treadmill/elliptical for hours and hours or you simply need a quickie before you meet up with bunch of friends and you have no time to hit the gym??? TRY THIS OUT! Something I just mashed up. It'll seriously get your HEART RATE screaming for its dear life....

You can use the 'Tabata' method (20sec intense exercise followed by a 10sec rest) but I find that 20sec is just too short. So I set my interval timer on for 30 sec exercise 10 sec rest and then 1 minute rest between each set.
So this is what it looks like.

Do a quick 5-10 minute warm up: jog, jumping jack etc

30sec - Jump Rope (boxing style)
10sec rest
30 sec - Burpees
10sec rest
30 sec - Jump Rope
10 sec rest
30sec - Burpees
10sec rest
30sec - Jump Rope
30sec - Burpee
1 minute rest.

So basically you're alternating between Jump Rope and whatever exercise you plan to perform(3 sets)  

Continuing on...

3 x 30sec - Chair Dips (alternating with the Jump Rope)
3 x 30sec - Jump Knee Tucks (alternating with the Jump Rope)
3 x 30sec - Elevated/Decline Push-ups (alternating with the Jump Rope)
3 x 30sec - Jumping Split Squats (alternating with the jump rope)
3 x 30sec - Dumbbell Lawnmowers  ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Squat kicks ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Dumbbell 2 arm Tricep Kickbacks ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Max Speed Turning Kicks ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Dumbbell French press ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Dumbell walking lunges ("   ")
3 x 30sec - Jumping Knee Tucks ("  ")
3 x 30sec - Sprint for your LIFE!!

These are some examples of what you could incorporate into your HIIT workout! You will probably need to adjust the workout times and rest times according to your fitness level. Just don't forget to push yourself to the point where you are pulling those horrid facial expressions and for some the big need to feel the burn buRN BURN baby!!

Benefits of HIIT
  • Saves time
  • Increase in Cardiovascular function
  • Increase in Strength Power and Speed
  • Significant reductions in body fat and insulin resistance
  • Increase VO2 Max (Maximum amount of oxygen you can uptake during exercise)
  • Prevents injuries
  • Activation of the fast twitch muscle, resulting in more muscle mass. More muscle mass the higher your RMR

On another note I've mentioned all the benefits of HIIT training, however, endurance exercises are also beneficial for fitness and health. (it just takes longer). 

I sure do love my looooooonnnnggg runs. Yes, it takes longer but this sort of exercise helps me recover from all the tough weight and HIIT sessions whilst still burning that stubborn FAT.

I tend to rotate between HIIT 2 times a week, Long distance 2-3times a week and 5-6 weight sessions (detailed schedule to come). 

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