Sunday, February 12, 2012

Testing it out...

I find it so strange that I find it extremely challenging to hit my calorie/macronutrient targets as many people who 'diet' struggle to eat within their maintenance calorie limits and find themselves overeating which leads to them being overweight.

For the last 3 years I have been consuming between 400-800 calories a day and one of the reasons for me being overweight is because and I am sure you are familiar with this concept, "starvation mode" YUP! my body is STORING everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!! arggghhhhh......(punch me now).

With a terrible combination of overexercising and under eating how could my body possibly want release anything! (geez how did I not know this? DUH!!)

I have been recommended to intake 1600 cals a day! HOLY GEEBNUTS!!! is this a TRUCKLOAD of food or what!!!! I found it really hard to transition from 800 cals to 1600 both mentally (this is still a battle for me) and physically to digest the large amounts of food.

After consulting with my PT we decided to take it slowly and increase it every couple of weeks.

We've been increasing it slowly since the beginning of Jan and I am currently sitting on about 1200 a day. Hopefully within a couple of weeks or so I'll be at 1600 to maximisie the extra fuel to build some lean mass and burn the FATTT!! AHOO!

This is an example of my eating and training schedule -
I weigh all my food (I'm freak like that, Judging?) to suit all my macro nutrients.

Diet - About 1200Cals
P - 180g
C - 80g
F - 20g

Breakfast - 745am
4 egg white omelette +50g of chicken breast with spinach and broccoli with either 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice or 1 cup of cooked oats
2 x Fish Oil

Snack - 1045am
Whey Protein pancake with natural yoghurt
Small piece of fruit with nuts

Lunch - 145pm
Sweet potato spinach salad with protein(tuna, chicken, prawns etc)
1 x Fish Oil

Snack - 5pm
Whey Protein Shake with small handful of raw almonds
1 x L-Carnitine (Pre Workout)

Dinner - 730-8pm
Protein (chicken, red meat, shellfish etc) and Veggies

Note: At the moment I am incorporating protein powders because it is quick and easy and also because I struggle to eat all the portions. Once I get that all sorted I'll be off the shakes . If you are not a supplement kind of person you could easily substitute it with whole food protein based snacks.

I also only it organic natural foods and I most definitely have 1 cheat meal or 4 small snack cheats throughout the week


445am - Cardio
530pm - Chest and Back

530pm - Legs (Back Physio)

445am - Cardio
530pm - Shoulders and arms

530pm - Legs and back (Back Physio)

530pm - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

8am - Legs
Afternoon - Cardio

I try and use this as a rest day but most of the time I get too restless so I workout, but it's only light.

It's been a week since I added in the morning workouts and I can tell yah now it takes alot of fudgin WILL power to get up!!! I think I snooze at least 5 times! But I'm ready to kick butt right, left, centre, all directions you can think of baby!!

I'll see how I go with this.....eeekkkk


  1. How is your training routine currently going? For me, I usually do cardio in the morning, then hit the weights a few hours afterwards, but depending on my schedule for the day, I will lift first, and then after I am done, do cardio on the treadmill.

  2. Hey Johnny,

    At the moment my training is slightly different than usual

    But I do a 6.5mile run in the morning followed by a light weight session.
    Before I focused on doing lower reps heavy weights but now I'm doing lighter weights more reps.

    In the afternon/evening I'll either do an insanity/P90x or some form of training depending how I feel.

    Thanks for all the nice comments appreciate it. These kind of comments help me stay motivated and keep on track!........

    How are you going with your last 3%? because you're sitting on 13% BF and you said you wanted to drop to 10%